• Babymoov Food processor Nutribaby Zen

    The first 5-in-1 food processor that steams, blends, sterilizes, warms and defrosts Baby’s food. The Nutribaby will help you cook Baby’s meal in no time! With a capacity of 51 oz cooking and 20 oz blending (the biggest capacity on the market), it is ideal to cook for several days or even twins. Nutribaby is also one of the first food processor to be used from birth. Very adaptable and useful, the Nutribaby is 100% automatic and provides 5 functions easy to use and control via the LCD screen. Compared to any other food processor on the market, the Nutribaby helps you cook healthy meal for Baby with its 2 baskets that separate food groups and allows you to preserve nutrients and taste. This way, you can, for instance, steam meat or fish on the first basket and then add the vegetables in the separate basket. Forgot to switch the Nutribaby off? No worries, the Nutribaby is very smart and switches off automatically! It also memorizes the last cooking time. The Nutribaby also comes with a spatula and a recipe book to guide you to do real cooking for Baby!

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